Lancaster County schools to start watch program this year to increase safety

LANCASTER, S.C. — Lancaster County School District leaders are working to enhance school safety district-wide in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

The school district is asking veterans, retired police officers and even stay-at-home parents to volunteer to patrol schools this upcoming school year.

Volunteers will be required to complete a background check and training before the school year starts.

“We’re gonna give them credentials as far as an ID, radio, have them walk on campus, check doors, monitor parking lots, monitor hallways, keep an eye open for anything suspicious around the schools,” said Bryan Vaughn with Lancaster County schools.

The school watch program is part of a reset of safety practices that school officials started this summer.

On Thursday, grandfather Hari Barari commended Lancaster County schools for being proactive. He said the watch program could save lives.

“It has hit home and yeah, this is a great idea that can be implemented,” said Barari.

Veteran Kyle Bullard told Channel 9 she would also consider helping protect some of the community’s most vulnerable.

“That’s God’s gift, so for us to protect God’s gift we do what we need to do,” said Bullard. “Same reason why we signed up, we put our lives on the line for this country because we love this country.”

School leaders said they were able to secure a few additional school resource officers for elementary schools, but not enough for every school.

To learn how to volunteer, click here or email Bryan Vaughn.

(WATCH BELOW: CMS leaders talk about safety measures for upcoming school year)