Lancaster police officers face discipline after deputy responds to party

LANCASTER, S.C. — A loud party and the treatment of a sheriff's deputy who was called there resulted in some Lancaster city police officers facing disciplinary actions.

An incident report obtained by Channel 9 indicated that Lancaster city police officers, who were at the party, cursed at the responding deputy and threw beer through the window of his patrol car.

A neighbor complained about loud music at a house on July 14 on Pink Plyler Road. The home is in a rural area and the neighbor who called to complain about the noise lives 100 yards away. The party was at the home of a Lancaster police officer and several other officers were there.

The incident report from the Sheriff's Office redacted the names of those involved. It said the responding deputy approached the house and heard police officers calling his name. The yelled, "He needs to turn around," and "Hey, get your (expletive) out of here," according to the report.

The deputy said that the music was turned up even louder while he was trying to talk to them about the complaint.

Eventually, the deputy left after they turned the music down and walked back to his patrol car. He said he opened the door and smelled an overwhelming stench of beer.

He touched the seat of the car and described it as "soaking wet with beer."

In the report, the deputy said when he felt the beer all over his seat he stood at his car door "in complete disbelief" while those at the party "laughed at him in a mocking way."

"I don't think what took place was so much criminal as it was inappropriate," Sheriff Barry Faile said

No criminal charges were filed, and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents told Channel 9 that they did not investigate the incident.

However, the City of Lancaster is disciplining officers who took part in it.

Lancaster police Chief Scott Grant couldn't comment on the incident or the actions he's taken because it's an internal personnel matter, but he said it's being taken care of.

Lancaster City Administrator Flip Hutfles said that appropriate disciplinary action is being taken. He said the investigation is ongoing, and at this point, no one has been terminated.

Hutfles would not say what specific discipline was being used or name any of the officers involved. He did say discipline usually means suspensions, demotions or a loss of pay.

Faile said he has a good relationship with the Lancaster Police Department and the two agencies will continue to work together.

"We spoke to the chief about that, and as far as I'm concerned, he's handling it the way he needs to," Faile said.

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