• Lawmakers push for autism insurance reform in NC

    By: Peter Daut


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Several state lawmakers are pushing for insurance reform when it comes to autism.

    Unlike most states, North Carolina does not mandate insurance coverage for the disorder.

    “To have a child with autism, it's extremely expensive,” Traci Carpenter said. Her 2-year-old son, Grant, was diagnosed with autism a year ago.

    About 50,000 people in North Carolina have been diagnosed with autism. Treatment can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year.

    State Rep. Martha Alexander is co-sponsoring a bill pushing for autism insurance reform.  The bill would cap coverage at $75,000 and allow unlimited visits for treatment.

    “We're all human beings, and I think we all need to be taken care of in an adequate manner,” Alexander said.

    Lawmakers plan to discuss the bill during the short session in Raleigh next month.

    For more information, visit autismvotes.org.

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