• Lime bikes phased out of Charlotte

    By: Joe Bruno


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Lime confirms to Channel 9 the company has phased bikes out of the city of Charlotte.

    The company says Lime riders have overwhelmingly indicated scooters are their preference.

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    “Riders are voting with their feet – they’ve demonstrated a penchant for Lime’s electric-vehicles and shown scooters are no longer a novelty, but rather one more flexible link to the transit chain,” Taylor Bennett, spokesman for Lime said. “We strongly believe the best way for us to maximize the positive impacts of Lime in local communities is to demonstrate our agility and willingness to adjust based on patterns of preference, utilization and needs.”

    The most recent stats available online from the city for scooter and dockless bike usage are from December. In December, the city says 3,312 trips were biked. The city says 82,523 trips were scooted that same time period.

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    Last July, Ofo also pulled dockless bikes out of Charlotte. The city of Charlotte has a docked bike program, Charlotte B-Cycle.

    Lime, Bird and Spin offer electric scooters in Charlotte.

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