Loaded gun found at high school was stolen from truck in front of nightclub, sources say

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools said a loaded gun was found in a safety screening during summer school at Rocky River High School on Wednesday.

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Officials said students from several high schools in the district attend the summer school program at Rocky River, and all of them participated in the screening.

Officials said a loaded gun was found by a CMS police K-9 firearms detection team which examines bags, backpacks and other personal items.

The gun was stolen Saturday night from a man’s truck in the White House Night Club parking lot on Wilkinson Boulevard, officials said.

He was leaving the club and he saw the windows to his truck were shattered and several items were stolen.

His wife spoke to Channel 9 Wednesday night about the break-in.

The couple did not want to be identified.

“He called me and said the windows are busted out, and I'm, like, ‘Really? The windows busted out?’” she said.

The thief stole the gun, along with a wallet and $150.

During the screenings at the school, officials move students to a separate area and screen them with wands and the K-9 teams never come in contact with the students.

Officials said the person who brought the gun on campus has been arrested. A source told Channel 9 the gun was recently stolen in a car break-in, and the student has been charged with two felonies.

According to CMS, a Taser-like device was also found and taken.

CMS confirmed this was the first gun found during one of its random screenings. The security checks were put in place earlier this year as part of the district's new safety plan.

Parents told Channel 9 they were extremely disturbed by the finding.

“Every day I'm afraid when they go out the door, am I going to have to go to the school to pick one of them up, because someone has hurt them or did something to them?” a parent said.

Rocky River was placed on lockdown during the search, but officials said at no point was there ever a threat to hurt anyone.

CMS sent the following message to parents: 

You are receiving this message because your students may be enrolled in CMS summer school programs at Rocky River High School and we want to keep you informed about school safety efforts. CMS continues to conduct safety screenings at summer school sites to help keep weapons out of schools.

During a routine safety screening at Rocky River High School this morning, one loaded firearm was located by a CMS-PD canine firearms detection team. A suspect in this matter is safely in custody and is being charged by law enforcement. One non-lethal taser-like device was confiscated by law enforcement. All students and staff involved in CMS summer school programs at Rocky River High School are safe. The screenings proceeded without incident and there was no incident or threat of harm. Per normal safety screening procedures, Rocky River HS was placed on lockdown during today’s safety screening.

It is important for you to know that the CMS firearms detection dog does not come into direct contact with students and is handled by a specially trained law enforcement officer. The CMS canine firearms detection team examines bags, backpacks and other personal items for firearms only.

CMS asks families and students to work together to keep weapons out of schools and away from students at all times. Students can reach out to any CMS staff member for help and support with issues or concerns they want to talk about throughout the summer. Thank you for your support.