Local food pantries assisting federal workers during government shutdown

Local food pantries assisting federal workers during government shutdown

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Federal workers struggling to feed their families are turning to local nonprofits to put food on the table for their families.

Some Transportation Security Administration workers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport told Channel 9 they received a $500 bonus Thursday.

An employee, however, said that will only go so far.

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He said some of his co-workers are struggling to make ends meet.

“I see it’s more harder on the folks that are single parents,” the employee said. “You know, they have to raise kids on its own and they have no help at all, and the job is how they get by.”

Tina Postel, with Loaves and Fishes, a nonprofit that helps families in crisis, said five TSA agents shopped at their food pantries this week.

Postel said one of those employees shared how difficult the shutdown has been.

“She’s actually a supervisor and just been struggling to continue to pay for gas to and from work, and what was having to make some tough choices,” Postel said.

Federal employees who go to Loaves and Fishes can shop for each member of their family, and can take advantage of the service for eight weeks.

A TSA employee said he and his co-workers have been been offered similar help across the area.

Still, it’s hard for some to take advantage of it.

“A lot of people have pride, and not wanting to reach out for help,” an employee said.

Loaves and Fishes is one of several groups helping federal workers.

Other local groups, including Project Hope in Rock Hill, are also open to provide food and utilities.

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