Local group helps those in need pay fines to get driver’s license back

Local group helps those in need pay fines to get driver?s license back

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you’re out of work or maybe fallen on hard times, even something as simple as a traffic ticket often goes unpaid over things like food or heat.

But, this could lead to you losing your driver’s license.

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Losing a driver’s license can be crippling and fines pile up and local Judge Rex Marvel said often times, it leads to tough decisions.

“It becomes so overwhelming that people become incapable of moving through this,” Marvel said. “If they’re not legally driving, they are looking at hundreds of dollars in fines or imprisonment. Sometimes, people have to have that calculation, do I drive or do I work?"

Watch the video above as Eyewitness News anchor Genevieve Curtis hears from a local group that is helping people who can’t afford those fines, so they can drive again.

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