Local nonprofit hosts event for National Black Voter Registration Day

Local nonprofit hosts event for National Black Voter Registration Day

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Urban League of Central Carolinas will host a “Reclaim Your Vote” rally Friday for the first-ever National Black Voter Registration Day.

Channel 9 spoke with President and CEO Teddy McDaniel about the effort.

“Our campaign is really about four things: registration, education, then mobilization and turnout, so we’re gonna celebrate and educate on Friday at the Urban League to talk about those very four things,” McDaniel said.

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McDaniel said this is the most important vote of a lifetime, especially for the Black community because they are in a double pandemic -- healthwise and economically.

“We want to make sure every vote gets counted. And also, we don’t want suppression. That is another big piece of this. There is a number -- 1-866-our-vote -- if you have questions. And we really need people to sign up to volunteer. We will have daily phone banks until Election Day, and so that is an important part of tomorrow’s rally to get people energized around that effort,” McDaniel said.

The entire Charlotte community is invited to the rally on Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. It will have a DJ and voting swag. The Urban League is located at 740 West Fifth Street.

“We’re in partnership with the hip-hop caucus. With our young professionals, we want to get young folks out involved. So from 5 to 7 p.m. tomorrow, you’ll get info about the voting process, get registered on-site and have a little fun,” he said.

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