Local teen sets up food pantry in Grier Heights neighborhood

Local teen sets up food pantry in Grier Heights neighborhood

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A local teen is making it easier for her neighbors to feed their families for free and they don’t have even have to leave their neighborhood.

Alexandria Brown has kept busy during the pandemic working on an important assignment.

The rising 11th grader built a free pantry near her Grier Heights home on Fannie Circle as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award Project.

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“My dad helped me build it but I did most of the work,” she said.

She knows times are hard and doesn’t want to see her neighbors go hungry.

“You have to make a change in your community and I thought this would be a good idea,” Brown said.

Anyone who sees the pantry can swing open the door and grab a can of soup or fruit -- even school supplies.

“It’s all free, you can just come up and take whatever you want whatever you need, how much, it doesn’t matter,” she said.

Brown said she feels grateful watching people read and take heed to her message that’s written on the pantry -- “Take what you need. Give what you can.”

“I’ve seen people look in and some people in the community restock,” Brown said.

She started last month and is considering building more little free pantries.

“It makes me feel like I can make a change,” she said.

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