Maddox Ritch's grandmother describes little boy as 'loving, bubbly'

GASTONIA, N.C. — The grandmother of Maddox Ritch, the 6-year-old who was found dead in a Gastonia creek last week, wants people to know her grandson was a loving child who made everyone around him smile.

She spoke with Channel 9 for about an hour Monday and played a voice message Maddox recorded for his grandfather two months ago.

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Watch the video above to hear the message Maddox recorded well before he disappeared from Rankin Lake Park.

His grandmother called it the sweet voice of her angel.

Maddox's grandmother said he used to run around the house in circles for hours, stopping occasionally to give her a pat on the hand or a kiss.

She said he was quiet and nonverbal with strangers, but bubbly, playful and talkative with those he loved.

On Monday, police said they are waiting on autopsy results to determine a cause of death. They also said they're still trying to figure out how the boy ended up in the creek.

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