• Makeshift memorial created for man killed in officer-involved shooting

    By: Sarah Rosario


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The news of an officer-involved shooting is bringing many people out to the neighborhood where it happened.

    Eyewitness News went out to the area along Reedy Creek Road where a makeshift memorial for Jonathan Ferrell has grown overnight.

    Last night there were just a couple of flowers and picture of Ferrell at the memorial, but people have stopped by Tuesday to add things to this memorial.

    It's directly across the street from the house police say he ran to, to get help.

    A candle still burning, pictures from the cover of a magazine and sign that says "We join you in your sorrow" are just some of items added to a memorial set up for Ferrell.

    Police said the unarmed 24-year-old was unlawfully shot and killed by one of their own.

    "Let the facts come out and we'll see what happens. I think to fire 12 rounds -- that's a bit excessive," said Chip Galloway, a neighbor.

    Officer Randal Kerrick has been charged with voluntary manslaughter. News of the shooting has gotten national attention.

    For some Charlotte residents who stopped by the memorial today it was unsettling. Jim Seegars described it an unexplainable loss that he relates to in his own way.

    "It's just senseless. His whole life was in front of him. It just broke my heart. I think I'm so upset about it because I just lost my granddaughter," Seegars said.

    At the center of the memorial is a picture of Ferrell and summary of what happened the night he died.

    Eyewitness News tried to speak to the neighbor who called 911 when Ferrell knocked on her door.

    Her husband answered and said he didn't want to speak on camera but said his wife got scared when she answered the door and was worried about her safety and their sons.

    Neighbors said they might have reacted the same way but said the Officer Randall Kerrick's actions went too far.

    While most people have added to the memorial, across the street others are showing support to their neighbor.

    Channel 9 found a letter outside their mailbox that says "to our neighbor.”

    "It's a tragic situation. It's unsettling to me," said Galloway.

    People who live in the area say traffic has increased since the shooting.

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    Makeshift memorial created for man killed in officer-involved shooting