• Man blames indecent exposure charge on loose shorts


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - Police say a man exposed himself and took pictures of female customers with a cellphone at a McDonald’s restaurant.

    According to police, 60-year-old Arthur Reid said he didn't realize he was exposing himself at a McDonald's restaurant because he wasn't wearing underwear and had on loose-fitting shorts.

    He was charged with indecent exposure.

    Several Winthrop University students said they saw him exposing himself at the McDonald's on Cherry Road across from campus.

    "I was disgusted by it," said student Claire Edwards. "He just looked suspicious, and he was taking pictures of people.”

    "You were able to see it as soon as you walked in and looked at him," another student said.

    Police said Reid was taking pictures of people on his cell phone  in the restaurant, as well as taking pictures of his genitals.

    Even though it was after midnight, the restaurant had several customers inside.

    Toniqua Wynn and her friends were taking a study break when they saw Reid.

    "He wasn't just doing it; he was doing it on purpose," she said.  "He was sitting with his legs spread wide open."

    Anquasia Johnson said they found the manager, and that's when they said it was clear to them that Reid knew what he was doing.

    "He was aware that everybody was onto what he was doing, and he immediately pulled his pants back down (to cover himself),” she said.

    When Rock Hill police arrived, Reid was sitting outside the restaurant in his pickup truck.    When asked why he was taking pictures of female customers inside the McDonald's, he said he wasn't, but was taking pictures “for no reason.”

     Reid also denied that he intentionally exposed himself, claiming it was an accident caused by a pair of loose shorts and a because he wasn’t wearing underwear.

    He did tell police he was sending text messages, though.

    Officers searched Reid’s phone and found several pictures that had been taken inside the restaurant.

    His bond was set at $25,000.

    Edwards and her friends are glad they spoke up about the unnerving incident, but it makes her think about things she never had to before.

    "I'm sure it'll be second nature now when I come in here to be more aware of my surroundings," she said.

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