Man accused of taking pics of woman under bathroom stall in Marshall's

A man is behind bars after a frightening encounter at Marshalls in Midtown.
A female employee at the store said when she went to the bathroom a hand came under the stall with a camera phone.
Police believe it was Emmanuel Mobah’s hand.
“That's pretty crazy that somebody would do that. That's pretty messed up,” said shopper Deanna Colton.
“You sort of expect that security when you go to the bathroom in a store for sure,” said Deborah Young.
According to police, the female employee acted fast.
She jumped out of the stall, saw him in the bathroom and got her manager who called police.
They made the arrest and took his phone.
Shoppers are applauding the young woman's actions.
“That's great that she took action and was able to push the door open and get him away,” said Colton.
Mobah told officers he was a pharmacy student.
Channel 9 contacted Central Piedmont Community College where he once attended classes.
Officials said he was last enrolled in fall of 2013 and is not currently registered.
He is registered at Wingate's school of pharmacy. School officials said they do not know the full extent of the allegations yet, but they said, "The university takes these allegations very seriously.  If proven to be factual the matter will be dealt with expeditiously.  It is inconsistent with the values we have as an institution."

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