Man tries to take toddler from mother at Shelby Walmart

SHELBY, N.C. — A mother in Shelby told Channel 9 she's relieve after police arrested a man who is accused of trying to grab her one-year-old daughter at Walmart.

Eric Richardson was arrested and charged Wednesday with one count of assault on a child under 12.

Tiana Langer said she had a bizarre encounter with Richardson on Tuesday at the store on Dixon Boulevard.

"He said, 'How did you get that cutie?' and I just thought he was being friendly," Langer said.

But that's when the conversation with Richardson got weird, according to Langer.

"He started rubbing on her arm and then he pulled her arm and was like, 'Well you can come home with me,'" Langer said. "I didn't know what that's supposed to mean."

Langer told Channel 9 she was able to walk away from Richardson, and didn't see him again.

Officers investigated and reviewed surveillance video at the Walmart, according to a police report. The documents showed Richardson was holding another child at the entrance of the Walmart but that mother didn't seem concerned. The police report showed he left by himself.

Richardson bonded out of jail Thursday.

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