• Man charged in Chester fatal shooting

    By: Greg Suskin


    CHESTER, SC - Friends of Keera Nicole Young, 21 said she was filled with personality. 

    "She was the best," Darkquarius Woods said. "She was a gorgeous young woman who also had my heart."

    Chester police were called to an apartment on Pine Street on Sunday afternoon. Two men led officers to the back staircase of the two-story brick building where they found Young shot in the chest.     

    The suspect, Ja'Mario Peay, was still there.

    Chester police said Peay had a .45-caliber handgun.  He was careless with the gun and it went off, killing Young.

    Peay was charged with manslaughter. Police Chief Eric Williams said the shooting didn't need to happen.

    "We have both parties that are suffering right now from the results of something that could have been prevented," Williams said.

    Woods said that he, Young and Peay were friends and rode to prom together in the same car.

    Williams said the tragedy offers a harsh lesson about gun safety.

    "You own that. You own that bullet when it comes out of that gun.  You are responsible whether you meant to do it or not," he said.

    Young's family did not wish to comment Tuesday afternoon.

    Chester police said the incident is still under investigation but they do not expect to make further charges.

    Williams said Peay did not have a criminal record and could legally own a gun. 

    No further information has been released.

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