911 call released after man hides on I-85 from gunman he says shot at him

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Terrifying moments for a driver in northeast Charlotte last week were captured on video that you'll only see on Channel 9.

On Monday, police released the 911 call made by the frantic driver.

"Can you tell me what’s going on?" the dispatcher asks.

"Yes, someone is following us with a (expletive) gun and they’re shooting at us! We have no idea," the caller says.

(LISTEN: 911 call released after man hides from gunman on I-85)

The dispatcher tries to determine their location. "Where did this happen at?"

"We have no idea who this is," the caller says. "We are going down the wrong way on the highway."

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The driver told police he was on Mallard Creek Church Road around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday when someone in a white Nissan Rogue pointed a gun at him and his passenger for no reason.

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When the driver thought he heard gunshots, he made a drastic move to get to safety by driving onto Interstate 85, jumped the median into oncoming traffic, but the gunman followed.

"We have no idea who this is, we are going down the wrong way on the highway," the caller said.

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Once on the interstate, the driver said he jumped the median and started driving the wrong way, toward oncoming traffic, when he and his passenger jumped out and hid while he called the police.

"Get out of the car, go, go, (inaudible) get down! Alright, I jumped out of the car. I’m walking down the (expletive) highway. Oh my God," the caller says.

"Where are ya'll at right now?" the dispatcher asks.

"We are hiding in the bushes off the side of the highway," says the caller.

"When you see them, make sure you wave them down, OK?"

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Channel 9's Department of Transportation cameras were rolling as the victim used his cellphone light to flag down troopers on I-85 northbound near Mallard Creek Church Road.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and the North Carolina Highway Patrol both responded to the scene.

The driver had a flat tire, but it's not clear if it was shot out or flattened when he jumped the median.

Police said though the driver thought he heard gunshots, his car was not hit and he and his passenger were not injured.

State troopers also responded to the scene and told Channel 9 the driver was arrested for driving while impaired.

Officials said the suspect has not been arrested.

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