Man points gun at elementary students throwing rocks at home, officials say

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Students at Windsor Elementary School threw rocks at a home Tuesday when they said a man inside walked out with guns.

Jalen Bowditch said his friends were throwing rocks at a home during recess at the school.

The homeowner came out pointing guns, school officials said.

Jalen's mother, Brittany Bowditch, teaches pre-kindergarten at Windsor Park.

“We looked and we actually saw the gun,” she said. “It was amazement, shock, fear, a little bit of panic for us.”

Her students were also out in the schoolyard at the time. She brought them all inside as another teacher called 911.

Bowditch said the man was armed with two guns, a handgun and a long gun, possibly a rifle.

“It's not acceptable to disregard life in that manner,” she said.

“There's no question the kids shouldn't have been throwing the rocks, but the homeowner's response went too far,” Bowditch said. “By pointing a gun, you almost take away that learning moment and when fear sets in, I don't know (that) you have the same opportunity to grow and learn the same way.”

For the time being, the students won't be playing in that corner of the schoolyard. Counseling is being offered to students traumatized by the incident.

As for the kids who were throwing the rocks, Jalen said this will never again be an issue.

“They won't do it again,” Jalen said. “People don't like people pointing guns at people.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers investigated but didn’t make any arrests.

Police said no crime was committed and they couldn’t find the referenced guns.

The school said a lockdown put in place was a precautionary measure. The school resumed its regular schedule.

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