Charlotte man pulls out rifle, flips off immigrants marching for equality

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As dozens of local immigrants marched through Charlotte for equality this weekend, they say they felt threatened when one man stepped outside holding an assault-style rifle in one hand while giving them the finger with the other.

Cesar Bela, one of the demonstrators, recorded the video while he and dozens of others, including kids, were peacefully marching down Central Avenue to raise awareness for immigrant rights.

"You have the right to, but it's not the way to show people … to try to intimidate people," Bela told Channel 9.

Oliver Merino, another demonstrator, told Channel 9, “This was a public sidewalk. He had the audacity to come out and yell at them saying that he was a Trump supporter; yelling obscenities at the people."

Channel 9 covered the weekend march as dozens of families gathered in uptown Charlotte before a 3-mile walk.

Police said the man has not been charged with a crime because the rifle was not actually pointed at the people marching.

Demonstrators insisted on filing a report to document the incident.

They said their message for equality is needed now more than ever.

"It's just going to make us want to talk more about why we need to have more unity in our community when people like this threaten to destroy it," said demonstrator Hector Vaca.