• Man says he lost money trying to purchase dogs online


    MOORESVILLE, N.C. - A Mooresville father said his family's Christmas is ruined after he tried to buy puppies for his daughters, but ended up losing hundreds of dollars.

    "I’ve got two daughters that are young kids, and all they're doing is crying because they're not getting their dogs,” Jonathan Mills said.

    Mills said his daughters and his wife are far from happy this holiday season as the only gift they were hoping for isn't going to happen.

    "This is what we had saved for their Christmas, and this is all they wanted, was the two puppies," Mills said.

    The family wanted two English bulldogs. Mills and his wife thought they’d found them on Craigslist.

    "We found an ad for two English bulldog puppies that needed a home, so we responded. We talked with the lady back and forth with email,” Mills said.

    Mills said the woman told them she lived in New York City, and would ship the puppies to Atlanta.

    He wired her $800 and has been waiting since Friday.

    "Every other day, we were getting a 100 percent guarantee that they'll be here today, still no dogs, still no dogs, still no dogs," Mills said.

    Staff at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta said they're not surprised.

    The cargo manager said they get about 12 to 15 reports a month and scammers use that airport all the time.

    As for Mills, he said he received another email this week from  the woman asking for more money, but he said he's not buying it.

    "I'm sitting there, and I don't know what to say. I mean it's breaking my heart as a father,” Mills said.

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    Man says he lost money trying to purchase dogs online