• Manufacturing in NC could see resurgence

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - North Carolina’s next big job boom could come from manufacturing so Eyewitness News anchor Scott Wickersham went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to check out a program that could help lead America's manufacturing comeback.
    Dr. John Ziegert showcased labs and workshops where students are taught advanced manufacturing.
    For example, instead of folding sheet metal, precision tools carve parts from large metal blocks, like an instrument tray from an F-18 fighter jet.
    “Previously, that would have been made from folded sheet metal and would have required five or 10 precision stamping and folding tools,” Ziegert said.
    The process alone saved half-a-billion government dollars on the project.
    The White House has been pushing programs like this hoping for an American manufacturing resurgence.
    At Siemens Corporation in south Charlotte, they recently hired 800 workers and they're still looking for 80 more.
    Vice President Mark Pringle said those jobs won't replace every manufacturing job that left the Carolinas but could bring back up to 80 percent of jobs that otherwise would stay gone for good.
    “You're going to see opportunity in the future,” Pringle said. “There will be a need for folks who can work in manufacturing and understand automation, and they are good-paying jobs."
    Economists said advanced manufacturing will bring back the American factory and many of the new advanced manufacturing jobs require more education than traditional jobs.                           

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