Massive bomb strike won't have impact on gas prices, experts say

The huge show of U.S. force on ISIS complexes in Afghanistan may not have an effect on gas prices for drivers, according to fuel experts.

Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst for, said that oil prices rose slightly after the missile launch on Syria but the market cooled off. He said that won’t be the case after the Afghanistan strike.

“If it leads to a larger operation that leads to something much different than what we see with the dropping of that bomb, then there could be a minor disruption,” DeHaan said.

If more countries get involved with the U.S. on military operations in the Middle East, then that could lead to a gas price increase, according to experts.

Meanwhile, other economic impacts for consumers still remain unclear since the stock market was closed for Good Friday. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 135 points Thursday after news of the bombing broke.

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