• Mayor Clodfelter optimistic in 'State of the City' address

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - There's no doubt 2014 was a tough year for Charlotte with a political scandal giving the city a national black eye.
    In his state of the city address, Mayor Dan Clodfelter addressed the battle to regain the taxpayers trust after a year that saw former Mayor Pat Cannon go to prison for corruption charges.
    While admitting taxpayers mistrust over the Cannon scandal, Clodfelter said the wins outweighed the losses in 2014.
    It was a sentiment echoed by council.
    The news Clodfelter focused on from 2014 included the Knights baseball stadium uptown, LYNZ Blue Line extension, a new office tower on South Tryon and sealed air moving its corporate headquarters here.
    Clodfelter said the biggest challenges for 2015 include finalizing a deal for Bojangles Coliseum, the development at Eastland Mall and funding for transit, like grants the city got for the Blue Line extension.
    “Twenty-five percent of that funding came from the state. I don’t think we’re going to see that,” Clodfelter said.
    “The Gold Line is up in the air, the Red Line. The extension of service to our airport is up in the air,” said council member Vi Lyles.
    Leaders said regional partnerships could replace that money.
    “It’s got to be a community and regional conversation. The state formula for funding is not working in our favor,” said council member Trevor Fuller.
    The speech came as Clodfelter is trying to be elected for the job he was appointed to last spring.
    He wouldn't discuss the campaign, but the challenges he outlined are sure to be key talking points for opponents like like Jennifer Roberts and David Howard in the primary.
    With just nine months under his belt in the jo, it remains to be seen who will lead Charlotte through those challenges after November.
    Democrats Michael Barnes and Vi Lyles are still considering a run for mayor.
    On the Republican side, Scott Stone said me he's 50/50 on another try and Edwin Peacock who ran in the last election is also undecided.

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