• McCready says NC District 9 loss shows Democrats can win back White House


    NORTH CAROLINA - Former District 9 congressional candidate Dan McCready says his loss in the special election earlier this year could show how Democrats can win back the White House in 2020. 

    McCready wrote an op-ed to explain how in the New York Times

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    He said his race came within an inch of flipping the district due to four things. 

    He said he talked about values and didn't get stuck in policy jargon. He pointed to his focus on voter's every day struggles, not daily drama in Washington. 

    He also warned Democrats to not sacrifice the base to win the middle and to not let the party give up on rural America. 

    He said, "If Democrats nationwide replicate our 10-point gain next year, we will pick up 35 seats in the House and five seats in the Senate and win every presidential battleground state. Bringing our country together depends on it."

    Channel 9 exposed the claims of absentee ballot fraud in District 9 last year that led to a new election. 

    Past coverage:

    Seven people were arrested, accused of picking up absentee ballots during last year's general election. 

    Republican Dan Bishop narrowly beat McCready in the special election last month by a narrow 4,000 vote margin. Bishop campaigned on being a reliable vote for President Donald Trump. 

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