• McCrory to sign or not to sign controversial elections bill?


    RALEIGH, N.C. - Whether Gov. Pat McCrory will sign the controversial elections bill should be known within a week or so.

    That news came out of the governor's meeting with his council of state on Tuesday.

    It was the group's first meeting since McCrory signed several bills into law.

    While he did mention specific bills he is reviewing, he did not address a bill that has garnered national attention and opposition within the state from democrats and the NAACP.

    The elections bill would require an ID at the polls, reduce the early voting period and restrict same-day registration during that time, among other provisions.

    Monday, state NAACP President William Barber released a letter sent to the governor asking him to veto the bill and asking to meet with him face to face.

    McCrory told the council of state he is still intensely reviewing two measures, one that would change certain regulations in the state, the other dealing with last-minute revisions made in the legislature.

    "I want to make sure that we have a clear understanding of the ramifications of both the technical revisions and the regulatory bill before I sign off," said McCrory.

    On Tuesday the governor would tell Eyewitness News only that he has basically already made a decision about the bill and will announce it soon.

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