• Governor-elect McCrory meets with Perdue, introduces transition team

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    RALEIGH, N.C. - Governor-elect Pat McCrory was in Raleigh Thursday, meeting with Gov. Perdue for the first time since the election.

    WSOC was the only Charlotte TV station with them in the state capitol. They spent about a half-hour in private.

    McCrory said he also met with some Republican legislative leaders, like house speaker Thom Tillis, and plans to do the same with Democrats soon.  McCrory said he's looking for people he can work with from either party.

    "I want problem-solvers around me and I'm going to be looking for the problem-solvers in the state legislature, and I don't think problem-solvers necessarily have a label on their forehead,” he said.

    And speaking of problem solvers, McCrory introduced his transition team, literally surrounding himself with heavy hitters at his latest news conference, including a former ambassador, a Mitt Romney strategist and former Charlotte City Council member John Lassiter.

    "We've got to get people hired to fill critical roles, we’ve got to work on the policy directions to analyze the transition manuals that come from all the state departments. And we've got about 60 days to do all that,” Lassiter said.

    They plan to start digging into major policy issues and reviewing three state departments: commerce, DOT and natural resources.

    But they also have much more basic decisions to make first, like when to take office. They still have to pick a date for inauguration. 

    McCrory said he has a conference call with other governors Thursday to discuss the federal health care exchange program.

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    Governor-elect McCrory meets with Perdue, introduces transition team