• Meck Co. monitors people after traveling from Ebola hot zone

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Mecklenburg County health officials said they are asking multiple people who traveled to Charlotte from Ebola hot zones to avoid public transportation.


    Health officials announced Tuesday they are continuing to monitor multiple people who have been in three African countries stricken by Ebola, but assured the public none of the people had any exposure to those infected with Ebola.

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    "These individuals are not under quarantine because they have no identified risk, other than the fact that they traveled from the three countries," said Dr. Stephen Keener.

    LINK: Mecklenburg County webpage on Ebola

    Keener said each of the people under self-monitoring are reporting their temperature to an infectious disease nurse twice daily and have been asked to avoid public transportation.

    Additionally, they are supposed to notify county health officials if they travel to another county or out of state.

    "We really want our citizens to have a sense of confidence in what it is that we are doing," Keener said.

    Keener said if any of those under self-monitoring exhibit signs of symptoms of Ebola, they will be quarantined and treated following Centers for Disease Control and Protection protocol.

    Keener admitted they were trusting each person to truthfully complete self-monitoring but said if any of those under watch of county nurses fail to do so, they could be put in isolation or be arrested.

    “It's a violation of public health law, so we can go to a magistrate and get an arrest warrant," Keener said.

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