Meck County seeks to part ways with Cardinal Innovations

CHARLOTTE — Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio will meet with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Wednesday about the county’s request to break off its relationship with Cardinal Innovations.

Diorio told Channel 9, for years, the county has complained about the lack of access to behavioral and mental healthcare, but Cardinal hasn’t fixed the problems.

[‘It’s too late’: Meck County agrees to cut ties with Cardinal Innovations]

Diorio asked NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen for a new managed-care organization to be established for Mecklenburg County, according to a letter obtained by Channel 9.

In response, Cardinal Innovations CEO Trey Sutten said, in part, “The county manager’s proposal, which is based on a model that hasn’t worked in the past, threatens to set back the progress we’re making for the vulnerable individuals who rely on us.”

The state has to approve the county’s request to cut ties with Cardinal.

Diorio said she hopes a new managed-care organization could be in place by next summer.

(A previous version of this story stated Mecklenburg County had cut ties with Cardinal. It has been updated to reflect that the county needs state approval).