• Middle school student accused of 'sexting'

    By: Jenna Deery


    HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - Parents are upset after learning a 13-year-old girl at a Bradley Middle School in Huntersville is accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to classmates.

    School officials said students are allowed to have their personal devices like iPhones in class but never expected them to be used inappropriately.

    They want this technology in the classroom because they believe it's an innovative way to educate, but parents believe it can be nothing but trouble.

    Investigators said a student is now facing charges because she was using her phone to send pornographic pictures from home to her classmates, who were caught looking at the photos in class Friday.

    The teacher then called police.

    Officials at the middle school said they're determining what disciplinary actions need to be taken against the girl and students who looked at the text message.

    School officials still believe the technology does more good than harm in education.

    But some parents wonder if it's teaching children the wrong thing.

    The girl is facing felony charges of disseminating obscene material.

    The girl's grandfather believes his granddaughter might have been doing what any other 13-year-old does when she sent the photos— trying to fit in.

    "I was very, you know, upset about it," he said.

    The girl's grandfather said he believes she may have been pressured into sending the photos. He said the family plans to seek counseling for the girl.

    She's been back to school since the incident but without her cellphone.

    Other parents wonder if more young people need to be better policed with technology at school and at home.

    "They should not have them at school and they should not be permitted unless the school issues them," said Ed Cortez.

    Paulette Dorenda said, "I think that parents need to monitor their children better and watch the  cellphone access because it's a growing problem."

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