Millions still waiting on federal tax refunds from 2021

RALEIGH. N.C. — The start of the 2023 tax filing season is approaching. However, millions of people are still waiting for their federal tax refund from last year.

One North Carolina woman told Channel 9′s affiliate, ABC11, that she is frustrated as she has not received her tax refunds from 2020 or 2021.

Taxpayer Zoe Jordan says the IRS owes her more than $5,000.

“It’s like my taxes just disappeared,” Jordan said. ““I would check online and for a while, it would say that my taxes were processing.”

Jordan recently checked the IRS website’s check your refund section. It had said it was “processing” in the past. Now, the site reads, “We cannot provide any information,” telling Jordan to verify her filing date and to check with her tax preparer.

Jordan used a CPA to prepare both sets of taxes and even mailed them into the IRS. Still, she hasn’t received any refunds.

“It’s really hard to live out here and it feels like the money is nothing to the government, but it’s everything to me and it helps me a lot and it just seems like it doesn’t matter that much to them,” Jordan said.

Taxpayers waiting for their refund should could keep calling even though it may take time to get through to an agent, ABC 11 learned. Besides calling the IRS, you should also consider using the free where’s my refund tool on the agency’s website.

CPA Faith Bynum Patterson told ABC11 if you’re one of those taxpayers still waiting, there’s much you can do.

“It’s a true patience game,” she said.

According to the IRS, there were about $10 million unprocessed individual and business tax returns.

The 2023 filing season starts Monday, January 23. It will end on April 18.

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