• Mint Hill residents say they have had enough with Aqua North Carolina

    By: Sarah Rosario


    MINT HILL, N.C. - Residents in Mint Hill said they've had enough with their water company Aqua North Carolina. Monday night they met with state lawmakers to get something done about it, but realized not much could be done.

    More than 100 people from seven different subdivisions figured taking their case to a higher authority would change something but they realized not much can be done.

    They were hoping to get rid of Aqua North Carolina altogether, but residents learned the state can't keep the company from operating in North Carolina because it's unconstitutional and Aqua North Carolina is not breaking the law.

    Lawmakers discussed the possibility of the area one day being serviced by CMUD or Union County.

    Eyewitness News first reported this issue in July when a resident reached out to us. They said rusty, brown and smelly water has been coming out of their faucets, shower heads, dishwashers and washing machines for nearly a decade.

    "I've been in the neighborhood 16 years and the quality has actually gotten much worse over the past two or three years," said Toby Vosburge.

    Another option is another water company buying out Aqua North Carolina. And while their concerns were heard by state lawmakers some doubt anything will change.

    "I'm hopeful that our meeting here tonight will bring some positive impact I think it's going to take some time," said Lisa Wilson.

    At the end of the meeting residents were told the president of the water company, Tom Roberts, was in the room and none of them knew it. Eyewitness News asked him if customers will receive another rate hike.

    Roberts said he hasn't announced plans yet. He also said he plans to rebuild the filters on the wells, flush the pipes and then re-evaluate in a couple months.

    He said a second well that's been down will be up and running Wednesday.

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