• 'Miracle babies' to return home as tornado cleanup begins


    CHARLOTTE, N.C.,None - Two young sisters and their brother are out of the hospital after a tornado sucked them from their east Mecklenburg County home.

    The home was completely destroyed and three of the Stevens’ families’ four children ended up in the back yard.

    SLIDESHOW: Miracle family reunited after surviving tornado

    The roof was torn off by the tornado, littering children’s toys all over the yard.

    "The next thing I remember is I was sitting on the top of the house with my oldest twin Ashley and everything was gone," said mother Latonya Stevens.

    Three of the children were thrown from the home, including the son, 7-year-old Jamal, dangerously close to Interstate 485.

    Amber, 3, was found in her home's yard under some debris.  Ayanna, 4, landed in a neighbor's yard.

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    “His room is in the front of our house, so he had to go clear across the back yard and over the fence,” said Tyrone Stevens, the children’s father.

    Doctors at Levine’s Children’s Hospital are calling the children “miracle babies” after they were all able to recover and walk out of the hospital.

    COMPLETE COVERAGE: See stories, video and pictures from the tornado in Charlotte and across the country



    How To Help The Stevens Family:

    The family has asked anyone who wants to assist to contact them by email. Their email addresses are below, along with some information about their children.
    Jamaal is 7 years old and in elementary school. Ayanna is 4 years old and is in a Pre-K program. Ashley and Amber are 3-year-old twins. 

    Reach the parents, Latonya and Tyrone Stevens, at either of these addresses: Latonyagstevens@gmail.com or Tyronestevens@hotmail.com




    The Stevens couple said it has been their home for eight years and everything inside is from their 13-year relationship.

    The family will return to sift through the damage on Monday morning, a step necessary for the rebulding process.

    The father of those children said he wants to find some toys, some games and a bunny named Buster,  something for each of his children to help them get through this tough time.

    As they work to rebuild they said they just feel blessed no one was hurt worse.

    People from all over the state are in Charlotte Monday morning to help those affected by the tornado.

    SLIDESHOW: Tornado destroys homes in Meck, Cabarrus Co.

    The North Carolina Baptist Men’s Association brought 150 people to the Reedy Creek neighborhood on Sunday.

    SLIDESHOW: Tornado cleanup begins

    They helped families in need look through the rubble, move furniture and whatever else was needed.

    David Seymour said he has been involved in the group for 10 years.  “My heart is to help people, do what I can.  Especially people in need,” he said.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been in close contact with all states affected by the tornadoes.


    FEMA said there have not been any requests for its assistance because of the great efforts by local and state governments.

    On Monday, state assessors will start going through the damage in Cabarrus County to determine if families qualify for disaster assistance money.

    Dozens in the Steeplechase community started cleaning up downed trees and making repairs to their homes on Sunday.

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    Strangers volunteered their time to help with minor repairs.  “We don’t even know who we’re working for.  We just saw a need, came out and gassed up,” said one volunteer.

    The Red Cross packed up lunches for storm-torn families.

    People in the community said they are focusing on positives and they are thankful that their families are Ok and that the houses can be repaired.

    The Red Cross has released its final numbers on how many homes were hit by the EF-2 tornado.

    Nearly 200 homes in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus counties were damaged by the storm.

    Twenty-two of those have major damage and seven of those were destroyed.

    Governor Bev Perdue had already declared this week severe weather awareness week in North Carolina.

    Perdue wants every family, school and workplace to have a plan in place for tornadoes like the ones that hit this weekend.

    All schools and state government offices will hold a tornado drill Wednesday morning.


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