Mom, grandmother's CPR training helps save 5-year-old Concord boy

CONCORD, N.C. — First responders say a 5-year-old Concord boy wouldn’t be alive without his grandmother’s CPR training and quick thinking.

On Wednesday night, Tammi Gubert reunited with the group of Concord firefighters that rushed her son to the hospital.

She said she found her son in his grandparents’ pool not breathing. The boy’s grandmother began doing CPR and Tammi took over for her until first responders arrived. Between their efforts, they were able to get the child breathing again.

“The fact that my mother knows how to do CPR, it’s important,” Gubert said at a ceremony Wednesday night. “Because if my mother didn’t know it, then where would we be?”

Concord firefighters said 60 percent of those that know CPR end up putting that lifesaving skill to use on a family member.

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