• Mom pushes for new housing, says daughter stalked by former neighbor

    By: Blaine Tolison


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A mother said she is pushing Charlotte's Housing Authority to transfer her to a different apartment complex because a man is stalking her daughter.

    Syndrea Ballantyne showed Channel 9's Blaine Tolison dents in the front door of her apartment in Seneca Woods off Park Road.

    "He took a knife and he actually stabbed our door," said Ballantyne.

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    Ballantyne said a man with a mental health issue who is a former neighbor has been stalking and threatening her 19-year-old daughter since last year.

    "He continues to harass my daughter," she said. "He continues to speak with our neighbors, and our neighbors inform my daughter: 'You need to be careful. He's been here.'"

    The man is not facing any charges related to Ballantyne's claims, so we aren't identifying him, but there are prior police reports involving him and Ballantyne's daughter.

    In January of 2018, the man was charged with assault and battery and communicating threats after court documents state he texted her saying he would "gut her with a knife."

    The charges were later dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

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    Ballantyne said her daughter is still afraid and wrote a letter to her if something were to happen.

    "So Mom, if I die, and he kills me; at least you have this letter saying that you did try, so I keep trying," the letter read.

    Cheron Porter, with Charlotte's Housing Authority, said they've gone to great lengths to help Ballantyne but they can't grant an emergency transfer without evidence.

    “We’re happy to help, we’re happy to step in and we’re ready to step in," Porter said. "We simply need documentation to support her claims.”

    Housing officials said the evidence needs to be something like a court-ordered protection order.

    They've given Ballantyne a voucher, which would go toward rent at an apartment outside the Housing Authority.

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