‘What you did was wrong’: Monroe woman says someone drove over father’s grave

MONROE, N.C. — A Monroe woman said she is still trying to find the person who drove over her father’s grave.

Renee Nolan posted a video on Facebook when she saw the damage at Lakeland Memorial Park on Saturday.

Nolan called the cemetery asking how it could have happened. The company, Dignity Memorial, told her it didn’t know what happened but said someone would come out to fix the damage.

While Channel 9 was speaking to Nolan on Sunday at the cemetery, a crew was actually working to fix the gravesite.

Nolan said she wished it was fixed right away.

“If you are the person that did it with the cemetery, you know what you did was wrong. And you disrupted that grave. And to come out there and find it like that, was very disturbing for me,” she said.

Channel 9 reached out to the company that owns the cemetery but we have not heard back.