More details on attempted murder revealed in search warrant

The North Carolina Supreme Court overturned Duke Energy's recent rate hike on Friday, sending the case back to state regulators.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — A search warrant gives more details about a student accused of trying to kill a girl at North Mecklenburg High School.

According to the warrant, the 15-year-old suspect said, "I'm going to kill you."

It states he started choking the 14-year-old girl, punched her twice and then choked her again.

It stated the attack happened near the school's soccer field Tuesday.

The girl told police she lost consciousness and when she came to he said, "I'm sorry. I'm going to miss you. Please just die already."

The warrant also lays out how the girl said she got away. It states she told him she'd tell people that she fell into a bush and she walked back to school.

Police searched the suspect's north Charlotte home. They took his school identification, clothes and some gloves.

The warrant state he used gloves while choking his classmate.

Eyewitness News went by the house Friday and the suspect's father said his son is in a juvenile detention center.

The boy's name is not being released because of his age.

The girl told police the suspect asked her on a date, but she did not acknowledge his advances.