Morehead Street development could be next NoDa

Morehead Street development could be next NoDa

CHARLOTTE — A local developer has big plans for West Morehead Street near Freedom Drive -- hoping the area that's lined with vacant buildings and empty lots could become the next NoDa.

Developer Lindsey McAlpine's group, CitiSculpt, owns 6acres of land in the area, just a few blocks from Bank of America Stadium. The group wants to transform the old industrial corridor into an area they call Stadium West.

"There is a national influence pushing development closer in, this is a neighborhood you can live in and not have to be in your car," McAlpine said.

The group tore down the garage on the lot next to the historic Coca-Cola building and plans to build 300 units of multifamily housing.

An abandoned warehouse next to Interstate 77 will become an office and retail building.

It's news for a unique part of Charlotte already seeing growth -- near what some call the Freemore area, with new restaurants and offices. City leaders see more areas like this are changing.

"As uptown grows, economic activity, those areas are experiencing a rebirth," said Mayor ProTem Michael Barnes.

A rebirth ushered by Charlotte's population growth and millennials shunning the suburbs they were raised in.

CitiSculpt plans to break ground on the project's first phase in a few months.