Mother of murder suspect says he belongs in jail

GASTONIA, N.C. — The mother of a man accused of robbing elderly people and charged with murder is offering a public apology.

Brian Carver's mother spoke at the Gaston County Courthouse on Friday afternoon as he and his stepson faced a judge on murder charges.

Willie Frazier II and Carver's stepson, Joshua S. Rick, were also charged in the murder.

(Frazier, Carver, Rick)

Carver's mother said her son preyed on elderly people, confessed to killing one of them, and said he would better off staying in jail.

Martha Martin sat near the front of the courtroom during Carver's first appearance and said she has no illusions about the kind of man he has become.

"He will always be my baby, but the little boy that I knew, the 4-year-old boy I knew, he died a long time ago," Martin said.

She said Carver has been in and out jail all of his adult life.

"I don't feel sorry for Brian," the mother said.

In the past two weeks, Carver kidnapped and robbed three elderly people in Dallas and he confessed to killing 90-year-old Ray Jackson, authorities said.


Police found Jackson’s body near the Lincoln County line under a bridge on Landers Church Road.

Martin apologized to Jackson's family.

"No words can make you feel better, but I'm sorry about what happened," Martin said.

Rick was also in court Friday.

Martin said Carver raised Rick since he was a baby.

Those who know both men said Rick has a criminal record and was willing to engage in illegal activity to earn his father's love.

The two used to live with Larry Davis.

"I'm sorry that you followed your daddy," Davis said of Rick.

Police haven't given a cause of death for Jackson or said why they believe the three suspects killed him.

Carver's mother said there are no excuses.

"It’s hard to turn your own kid in, but when you know they are in the wrong, they are in the wrong," Martin said.

The judge set a $1 million bond each for Carver and Rick.

Carver already has another $1 million bond for robbing three elderly people last week.

Frazier will make his first appearance before a judge Monday afternoon.

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