MUST WATCH: Officers wrangle massive gator on South Carolina porch

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. — A determined alligator put up a fight when animal control officers in South Carolina tried to wrangle it from a front porch.

The gator was seen doing barrel rolls in the front yard as three officers attempted to trap it, hissing every time the officer in its line of vision approached.

In video shot by a neighbor, another officer came up from behind and positions himself on top of the gator.

Although it appears that the three officers have the gator under control, the reptile still tries to wiggle free from their grip as its snout is taped shut.

The incident happened in the Dunes West neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, earlier this week.

It took the officers nearly 10 minutes to contain the gator.

Officers told the homeowner that the gator probably saw its reflection in the glass of her front door and thought it was a mate.

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