NASCAR community helps local teen with rare disease celebrate birthday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Family, friends and NASCAR drivers gathered to celebrate a local man's 19th birthday, but the birthday was even more special because he was not even sure he would make it to this birthday.

Marky Jaquez has a rare genetic disease commonly referred to as "Butterfly Skin" because of how it effects the layers of the skin.

His brother also had the disease, but never made it past 14 years old.

(Marky Jaquez with Dale Earnhardt Jr.)

"It was a dream come true for our entire family," his mother Melissa Jaquez said. "You know, the doctors gave Marky the prognosis of 14 and here he is at 19. And, he just continues to beat all the odds."

Watch the video above as Channel 9's Gina Esposito learns how Marky was able to fulfill his dreams of meeting his favorite NASCAR drivers.