Stolen radioactive material in Durham could pose health, safety risk, state says

DURHAM, N.C. — A measuring tool that contains radioactive material was stolen from a facility in Durham, state health officials announced Thursday.

The device, if handled inappropriately, can pose a potential health and safety risk. The gauge, which uses radioactive materials to test conditions of materials during construction, was discovered missing Thursday.

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The theft was reported to the North Carolina Radiation Protection Section and local law enforcement.

The gauge was in a container when it vanished. Markings on it are clear that it holds radioactive material.

The container can be identified by its yellow plastic case with the following labels:

  • Radiation tri-foil (Radioactive – 7)
  • USA DOT 7A
  • Type A Radioactive Material
  • Cargo Aircraft Only

The gauge has a stainless-steel handle protruding from its top with a radiation symbol on it. The equipment is manufactured by Troxler.

A description of the radioactive material is on a plate attached to the outside of the gauge. The radioactive material is sealed in a stainless-steel capsule.

Do not touch or move the device, officials warned.

Stay at least 10 feet away from the gauge until the appropriate authorities secure the area and device. A prolonged exposure could cause adverse health effects if the radioactive sources were directly exposed to someone.

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If this gauge is found or you have any information about its location, please contact Travis Cartoski, NC Radiation Protection Section, at (919) 621-4797 or your local law enforcement agency at 911.