NC reports single-day high of 4,296 new COVID-19 cases

NC reports single-day high of 4,296 new COVID-19 cases
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With Thanksgiving a week away, North Carolina is reporting a record-breaking number of new positive COVID-19 cases.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday reported the state’s highest one-day number of COVID-19 cases with 4,296 new cases reported.

The percentage of positive tests was at 7.9%.

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The record-high day follows several days of increasing trends in new cases, the percent of tests that are positive and hospitalizations.

Just eight days ago, the state crossed the threshold of 3,000 new cases in a day.

About 9% of COVID-19 tests in North Carolina this week are coming back positive -- that’s nine people out of every 100 being tested, the same number we saw in August.

”I am very concerned. We are seeing warning signs in our trends that we need to heed to keep our family and friends from getting sick and ensuring our hospitals are able to care for those that have serious illness,” said NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen. “We can do that if each North Carolinian wears a face mask over their mouth and nose anytime they are with people they do not live with; waits six feet apart and avoids crowds; and washes their hands often. We have reasons for hope. With promising news on vaccines, this pandemic will end. Until then, North Carolinians need to do what we’ve done throughout this pandemic -- take care of one another.”

As of Thursday, 1,538 people were hospitalized in the state with the virus. 198 people were admitted with confirmed cases in the last 24 hours.

The testing turnaround time has been increasing over the last couple of weeks. It’s now at an average of 2.5 days.

4,936 people have died in the state since the start of the pandemic. 38 of the deaths were reported on Thursday.

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Note: The numbers we show you every day mean everything in how our community recovers from coronavirus -- both in terms of healthcare and the economy -- but they don’t mean much without the proper context and as much transparency as possible.

New cases vary day by day based on a lot of factors. That can include how long it takes to get results back, so a new case reported today can really be several days old.

The other big metric we watch is the percent of positive cases. This is data we can only get from the state because it’s not as simple as factoring a percent of new cases each day from the number of tests. That’s because test results take days and come from a variety of places.