• N.C. representative wants online voter registration

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Online voter registration already exists in other states, and it could become a reality here in North Carolina if a new bill passes the state legislature. 

    Rep. Kelly Alexander, D-Mecklenburg, said he wants to make voting more accessible, which is why he plans to introduce a bill to allow online voter registration early in the next session.

    "It modernizes the system,” Alexander said. "And I think a vigorous democracy is one in which as many of our citizens as possible find it easy to participate."

    He said he wants to use the same logic that has allowed military members to register online.

    Right now, you can start the process on your computer, but it requires you to print and mail your information rather than just hit send. It sounds easy, but there is already a push against online voter registration in North Carolina. 

    "It cracks me up when they talk about accessibility when already we have laws that allow people to stand outside of Wal-mart with a clip board and register voters," said Jay DeLancy, with the Voter Integrity Project of NC.

    He's worried about voter fraud.

    "The problem we have is you create another black box -- another programming way to register voters and a programming way to hack the voter roll and maybe steal an election," DeLancy said. "We get problems with the public trusting in this kind of system."

    DeLancy said people get discouraged when they feel that their vote doesn't count. Alexander said there are checks to online voter registration that prevent voter fraud.

    "We have the DMV base that has to be checked," Alexander said. "The information goes back to the county board of elections so you get enrolled locally. The only thing you've done is made it simpler on the front end."

    Eyewitness News asked if he's concerned the system could be hacked.

    "No more so than any kind of computer system," Alexander said. "We're talking about registration. We're not talking about voting."

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