• NC senator to miss Obama's speech at NC university

    By: Jim Bradley


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - President Barack Obama will be in North Carolina on Wednesday. North Carolina Democratic senator won't be.

    While the president is scheduled to speak at North Carolina State University Wednesday afternoon Sen. Kay Hagan's staff says she's too busy to attend.

    "The U.S. Senate is in session. She'll be in Washington doing her job," said Chris Moyer, Hagan's press secretary.

    Republicans, however, are pouncing on Hagan's decision.

    "I think what Kay (Hagan) is trying to do right now is to distance herself as far and as fast as she can away from Obama and Obamacare," said Claude Pope, North Carolina GOP Chairman.

    Political experts said Hagan is in a tough spot politically.

    She's facing a difficult re-election campaign this year and millions of dollars from Republican groups across the country are coming into the state to attack her.

    "The president's approval rating is down. You don't want that kind of a connection," said Michael Bitzer. "All Democrats right now are concerned about his low approval ratings, the failed rollout of Obamacare. This may be a subtle sign that perhaps Hagan is distancing herself from the president to run in a very tight election."

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    NC senator to miss Obama's speech at NC university