• New evidence released in Ferrell case

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Channel 9 obtained new evidence in the unprecedented case of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officer charged with killing an unarmed suspect.

    Radio transmissions made by police the day Jonathan Ferrell was shot and killed.

    Officers were first sent to Reedy Creek Road in east Mecklenburg County on Sept. 14 because of a 911 call from a woman scared by a man banging on her door at 2:30 a.m., according to the radio transmissions.

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    "Please be advised that she's saying he kicked through the door," the dispatcher said. "Be advised that there's also a child in the house."

    In the radio transmissions, officers were told the suspect was outside the home. Minutes after the officers arrived, it turned violent.

    "Shots fired, suspect down," someone said.

    Police later told Channel 9 that Officer Randall Kerrick fired his gun 12 times, hitting Jonathan Ferrell with 10 rounds.
    "Suspect was coming at the officer," someone said on the tape.

    Kerrick said he was defending himself while Ferrell was yelling and running at officers. Chief Rodney Monroe said the gunshots were fired at close range and Ferrell made physical contact with the officer after the first shots were fired. The tapes released Friday said an officer was hit.

    "Physically hit, not shot," an officer said.

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    Ferrell's family said he had just crashed his car and was disoriented, and only went to that house and ran toward officers to try to get help. The recordings seem to point out officers found that car after their confrontation with Ferrell.

    "Heard somebody mention it on the radio, and we just passed by it," someone said on the tape. "Did anybody address that car in the woods? See if it's the suspect's?"

    This is just some of the evidence from this case. The Ferrell family attorney has been pushing for dashcam video to be released. He said it shows that Ferrell was moving toward officers for help, was not acting aggressively and did not look like he had a gun. That video has not been released yet.

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    New evidence released in Ferrell case