• New change of venue, gag order motions filed in Kerrick trial


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Attorneys for Officer Randall Kerrick filed new requests with the judge Thursday.
    Kerrick is accused of shooting and killing unarmed Jonathan Ferrell and the trial is two weeks away.
    Once again, Kerrick’s attorneys asked for a change of venue.
    They said the city’s recent civil settlement may influence potential jurors.
    The city agreed to pay Ferrell’s family $2.5 million in that settlement.
    "That this settlement may lead jurors to erroneously conclude that Officer Kerrick was at fault in the criminal case," the motion stated.
    The motion also mentions attorney Mark Weaver, who was hired by the city to handle public relations around the trial.
    The city manager's "...hiring of attorney Weaver is a blatant attempt to place fear in Mecklenburg County jurors." 

    Kerrick's attorneys have been concerned about publicity from the beginning.
    The motion also asked for a gag order that would include just about everyone involved with the trial, among others.
    It would apply to Weaver as well as City Council members, and all law enforcement officers.
    Kerrick’s attorneys are asking for an immediate hearing to consider their request.
    A hearing has not been set.
    The trial starts July 20.

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