• New tool on tax revaluation available for homeowners


    MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. - There's a new tool for Mecklenburg County homeowners caught up in the tax revaluation.

     It lets homeowners know when their houses will be reviewed.

    Pearsons Appraisal Service, the contractor hired last September to redo the botched 2011 revaluation, just set up the new application.

    All homeowners have to do is enter their addresses into the website.

    One of Channel 9’s producers put in her address and found out her home will be reviewed in June 2014.

    Once appraisers look at the property, owners will receive the results by mail in two to four months.

    Eyewitness News has followed problems with the 2011 revaluation for years, and many in the county still believe the values are flawed.                  
    Channel 9’s investigation found some people complained about the revaluation and got their tax values lowered, then went on to sell their homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars more. CLICK HERE to read that full story.

    The Mecklenburg County Commission Chair said commissioners will keep a close eye on the revaluation process, which is expected to be fully completed by February 2015.

    CLICK HERE to check out the new application.

    CLICK HERE to see our past coverage of revaluation.

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    New tool on tax revaluation available for homeowners