‘No consequences’: Drivers constantly sideswipe parked vehicles in NoDa neighborhood, residents say

CHARLOTTE — Residents in NoDa said cars have been driving through its narrow streets, damaging other vehicles parked on the side of the road.

“I see cars at nighttime,” resident Seger Mounce said. “I actually witnessed people get hit and nothing. Just ride off. No consequences.”

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Mounce said his friend was stuck paying for their car after a hit-and-run.

“The whole back of his car,” Mounce said. “The light was knocked out like this, right here. And he had a dent in it.”

Reporter DaShawn Brown checked with police, and since January, there have been two hit-and-run calls and another for illegal parking near North Alexander and 35th streets.

NoDa resident Jeff Price posted a sign that reads, “Never ever. Never ever. Never ever park here.”

“My wife works in the hospital,” he said. “On-call one weekend. Needed to leave. Came out to get into her car.”

Price said his wife was blocked in so she had to call an Uber.


He also said their cars had been hit a couple of times, too.

Residents hope that something can be done, such as parking being allowed on one side of the street only.

“They park the wrong way,” resident Frankie Breuner said. “They get tickets. They fly down through here, tear up cars and keep going.”

Channel 9 reached out to a city representative and is waiting to hear back.

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