• No criminal charges against wife in shooting death of Meck County deputy


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are not pursuing criminal charges against the woman who shot her husband to death in January 2018.

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    The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office concluded that they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Rataba Hawkins did not act in self-defense.

    On Jan. 15, 2018, Rataba Hawkins called 911 and told a dispatcher, “My husband reached for the knife, and I shot him,” according to court documents.

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers went to the home on Ashley Meadow Drive in northeast Charlotte and found James Hawkins, 35, unresponsive.

    James Hawkins was a deputy for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

    There was a butcher’s knife, a pistol and a plate of food on the kitchen floor when authorities arrived.

    James Hawkins died at the scene from a gunshot wound to the neck. The medical examiner said another round went through his hand and into his abdomen.

    Rataba Hawkins is also a deputy and was put on administrative leave at the time.

    The couple had a history of domestic-related issues.

    Someone is justified in using deadly force if they believe that it is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm, according to North Carolina law.

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