• No plans yet for Obama to return to Charlotte after DNC promise

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A spokesman for the Obama campaign told Eyewitness News that as of Friday there are no plans for President Barack Obama to return to Charlotte and honor the promise he made during the Democratic National Convention to return after his speech was moved indoors.

     With the election just over three weeks away, some of the folks are wondering if he’ll make it back in time.

     “I have my ticket, my golden ticket,” said Lakisha Lucky, who still carries her ticket to Bank of America stadium in her car.

     Lucky hopes the president honors the promise he made the day they canceled events at the stadium.

     “We're going to do everything we can to get you into events in a place near you. Our staff will be in touch with you about that, so hopefully you'll have an even closer front row seat,” Obama said after his speech was moved indoors, leaving 50,000 out of the event.   

    “I’m just hopeful that it will happen,” Lucky said.

    Another ticket holder said on the phone she isn’t so sure.

    “I honestly don’t think it will happen,” said Obama supporter Tiffany Tucker. “He has a lot of things to worry about. He has been to Charlotte several times. The campaign isn’t going exactly the way he planned.”

    Through Twitter, Sarah Shumway told Eyewitness News she’s more focused on the election, saying “I’d rather have him concentrate on staying in office than making sure to get out here in the next three weeks.”

    “This is the ticket I got when we stood in line for eight hours,” said volunteer Teresa Myers.

    Myers got lucky. Someone gave her a ticket to the arena after the stadium event was canceled. If the president can’t keep his promise, she’s hopeful he can make it up in another one.

    “One idea was he can give us all credentials to the inauguration when he gets voted back in,” she said.

    The president’s schedule is never announced too far in advance for security reasons. A campaign manager told Eyewitness News he could get a call tomorrow announcing plans for an event in Charlotte.

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