Nonprofit opens ‘warm line’ to help people cope with emotional distress

Nonprofit opens 'warm line' to help people cope with emotional distress

CHARLOTTE — Some local counselors in our community say they are uniquely qualified to help during these challenging times.

They've experienced homelessness, incarceration, domestic violence, depression and suicide attempts.

Now, they are using their experiences to support others who are uninsured and experiencing emotional distress.

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The Promise Resource Network, a local nonprofit, just launched a unique way to help people cope with all the emotions one can experience as we deal with constant changes due to the coronavirus.

Nonprofit organizers set up a 24/7, confidential phone line for people who need someone to talk to.

“A ‘warm line’ is a 24/7 phone support line, so think of it like this -- an emergency line is for people in critical need; a mobile crisis line is for people experiencing crisis; a warm line is for someone who hasn’t reached the point of crisis, but they may be experiencing isolation,” said Cherene Caraco, with Promise Resource Network. “They want to talk to someone who has been there, connections and a relationship, making sure that human connection is available to everybody while experiencing some really difficult times.”

Caraco said the first person to call was a teacher needing support. The warm line has gotten calls from as far away as San Francisco. Starting next week, Promise Resource Network will start to provide free, virtual wellness classes and support groups online on Zoom and Facebook.

The Promise Resource Network warm line for free, confidential, noncrisis peer support is 1-833-390-7728.